Wine Agent Installation

The Wine Agent requires iPhone OS 3.0. You must upgrade to iPhone OS 3.0 before installing the Wine Agent.

Since the Wine Agent is considered beta software it is not available on through the Apple iPhone App Store. If you would like to test the Wine Agent, you must submit your iPhone's unique device identifier (UDID) to Evan Patton.

If you already have a previous version of the Wine Agent installed, you must first uninstall it:

  1. Delete the application from your home screen by tapping and holding the icon until the icons start vibrating. Tap the (X) to remove the application and press the home button to return to normal behavior.
  2. Delete the application from your iTunes library by selecting it under the "Applications" heading and pressing the delete key.
  3. Sync your device with iTunes to complete the operation.

You can now install a new copy of the application using the following instructions:

  1. Download the Wine Agent from here
  2. Unzip the files into a temporary directory
  3. Drag TWC_Wine_Agent.mobileprovision and Wine Agent.ipa into your iTunes Library
  4. On the Applications tab for your device, verify that the Wine Agent entry appears and is selected for syncing
  5. Sync your device to install the application
  6. When you start the application on your device, the version number in the bottom right should read "v4.0a1"