Data Access

There are two ways to access data stored as part of the Wine Agent:

  1. RDF access via HTTP: RDF files are hosted on this website which contain all of the ontology and instance triples available as part of the Wine Agent. Each of the files and its contents are discussed below.
  2. Through Wine Agent API: All of the data can be queried using the Wine Agent's agent ontology. This method requires an account with the Wine Agent and allows for using the agent's reasoning capabilities.

RDF Files

agent.rdfOntology describing recommendations, users, actions, and responses. This ontology is the basis for interacting with the Wine Agent through its API.
food.rdfFood ontology and instance data for describing dishes, extension of W3C OWL Guide Food Ontology.
interaction.rdfInteraction records for users, recommendations, dish, wines, and restaurants.
recommend.rdfRecommendations made by Wine Agent users.
wine.rdfWine ontology and instance data for describing wines, extension of W3C OWL Guide Wine Ontology.

Using the Wine Agent API

Wine Agent clients can use the Wine Agent's RESTful server API for retreiving and reasoning over the core Wine Agent ontologies (described above). You will need to register an account via the Wine Agent application for iPhone and iPod touch. Commands are sent as RDF files via HTTP POST to When processing completes, the Wine Agent will return an RDF containing either an instance of a subclass of agent:Response with the rdf:ID "Response" or a subclass of agent:Error with the rdf:ID "Error".